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“Codename Cupcake” by Jillian Green DiGiacomo is a deftly crafted and absolutely entertaining satire that reveals the author to be an extraordinarily gifted and original storyteller with an impressive gift for wit and humor. Very highly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library collections

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Five Star Review of CODENAME CUPCAKE!

Codename Cupcake  received its first official review and it’s 5 stars!

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“…the pivotal figure is a regular person, a “frazzled mother of two” as the description says and she is definitely lovable! If you’re looking for thrill, you’ll find quite a lot of that too! I’d say this book is worth checking out! No matter what you prefer reading, Codename Cupcake will entertain you and put a smile on your face!” – The Page Hungry Book Worm


Read the full review here:  http://chrisan081.wix.com/pagehungrybookworm#!Review-Codename-Cupcake-by-Jillian-Green-DiGiacomo/cu6k/5623f3c60cf2c6c6437b79af